TweakBox APK

TweakBox is an excellent alternative of traditional app stores. iOS users have the privilege to enjoy this amazing app but android users are not able to use it on their device easily. But, It doesn’t mean that there is no other way to download TweakBox app on android devices. You can now easily install it on your android device with TweakBox APK file.

TweakBox is an app store which has great features available. It offers you many apps that are not listed in your Google play or iOS market. Here are the features of the app. 


TweakBox is easy to use app. You don’t need any coding knowledge to access the app. Anyone can use it easily.  The app offers you the apps games for free. TweakBox has divided the apps in 5 different categories to ease the users. These categories are- All, Music, App, e-Books, Movies.


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Tweakbox iOS 10

TweakBoxDo you want to download the best apps for your iOS device for free? Just download the latest version of the Tweakbox app on your phone which lets you download apps for free on your iOS device. Tweakbox is a third party app store where you will get all the apps you desire, they are all available to be downloaded for free on your iOS device.

Apple devices have really good operating systems and they are very well designed but when it comes to app, you will need to really break the bank in order to download all the necessary apps that you need on your smart phone. Tweakbox is an app store where you will find all the popular apps for free of cost. The Tweakbox is free as well and you can download it on your iOS device very easily, you also do not need to jailbreak or alter the operating system of your phone.

Download Tweakbox iOS 10

Download Tweakbox.

Select Tweakbox for iOS 10 from the download page.

Tap on Start and wait for it to install.


Open device Settings and Navigate to Settings => App Management and enable the Trust option for the device.

Run the Tweakbox app store on your phone and now you can search for any app you want and install it on your phone.

TweakBox Animated 3D Origami

TweakBoxAnimated 3D Origami is one of the best application for all of the iOS user. This application will help you to learn the art of creating origami at your own iPhone and other Apple devices. This application is based on a unique concept of creating paper objects in a virtualized manner. It is like creating a paper aeroplane, flower, frog in your old school Times Now this app allows you to do all of these things within your iOS device. It will provide you and easy to follow the guide in which you will learn how to make origami yourself without taking any type of paper. It is very easy to use this application because it’s easy to use interface. This application helps your kid to think differently and uniquely and it is very useful for enhancing the creative thinking abilities of your child. This application allows you to make different Origami of frog, dinosaur, flower, rose, rabbit and much more. It can be easily used in two different languages and these are Russian and English. This application requires iOS 9.0 and above version in order to run properly on your iPhone, iPad and iPods. Continue reading

TweakBox Anime Music Radio

TweakBoxAnime music radio is one of the best application available for the iOS users. It allow the user to enjoy some of the topmost music tracks on their iPhone, iPod and iPad. This application is used across all over the world because of its simplicity and easy to navigate interface. It contains wide variety of radio stations which regularly broadcast some of the top music tracks of different varieties. You can easily tune up in any of your favourite radio station by using this powerful application. It also has an option to add more radio station of your choice and you do not have to upgrade this application in order to update your favourite collection of radio stations. It can be done easily without upgrading this application. This application is a Universal app so you can easily listen to your favourite music by using this app on your all of the iOS-based devices. It also has an amazing feature of running in background mode through which you can enjoy your music while doing another task on your iOS device. You also get a feature to search the stations through which you will find the best stations broadcasted near your area. This application is fully safe and it requires iOS version 8.0 and above in order to properly installed in your device. Continue reading

TweakBox Animoji Studio

TweakBoxAnimoji Studio is an amazing application that will help you to record an unlimited number of Animoji videos on your iOS device. This app also helps you to customise the background colour of your Animoji videos with just a few settings. You can easily select any colour of your choice for adding that particular colour in the background of your Animoji videos. You can also do your own live stream of your Animoji videos by using this application. It has an integrated feature of live streaming on services like mobcrush and Periscope so you can easily use these services and enjoy your live streaming. It also helps you to easily record your Animoji videos without pausing audio playback from any other App installed on your device. You can also record your any music videos when the microphone of your device is not active or disabled. This application also has an amazing mode of karaoke in which you can synchronise the lips with your favourite songs by using this karaoke mode. It will be very helpful for proper lip synchronisation between the songs and Animojis. This app comes up with the most updated version so you can easily use it on any of your devices. Continue reading

TweakBox Akinator VIP

TweakBoxAkinator VIP is one of the best application from the category of entertainment. It can be used on your iOS devices. It is an application with which your children can learn creative thinking skills. This app can read your mind and guesses the character that you are thinking about. At the starting it asks some question to you and then it uses its artificial intelligence technology to understand your thinking pattern then it tries to predict your mind. It is one of the best creative application which will help you to enhance your creative thinking skills. In this application, you will have a genie which will give you different challenges and you have to solve these challenges within this app. It is more like a kind of a game for children that help them to entertain themselves in a better way. In this game, you have a genie which guesses is your mind and you have to make your thinking sharper to defeat that Genie. This game is available in almost many different languages including English, German, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and many other languages so the user from all around the world can easily play and enjoy this awesome challenging game. It can be easily configured on your iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. Continue reading

TweakBox iOS 11

TweakBoxTweakBox is an app store that lets you download apps for free without needing to sign up first, just install the app and start downloading that apps you need. TweakBox is one of the most rapidly growing third party app stores in the world for android devices thanks to the features and simple operating systems which make it such a useful app.

TweakBox is now available on the iOS 11, the newest operating system for your iPhone and it works flawlessly with it. iOS 11 brings a lot of new things to the operating system of your iPhone such as the combination of notification tray and lock screen, etc. TweakBox does not require a rooted android device to work, you can download the third party app store on any regular android device and start downloading apps right away, you don’t even need to sign up with the app. There in so subscription needed to use TweakBox to download apps and there is no limit either, a single user can download as many apps as they want and you can also transfer the downloaded apps to other devices so you don’t have to download them again.

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TweakBox Analog Portland

TweakBoxAnalog Portland is one of the best photo editing application available for your iOS devices. It can be used by any iOS user on their various devices including iPhones, iPods, iPads and other devices. It will give you all the required tools to professionally edit your image and give them the feel of Portland. It contains many top-quality filters that you can directly implement in your images to give them an instant touch. It is very easy and straightforward to edit your images with this powerful application. It is also the first app of the series of analogue Film City. It is specially created for the users who want to enjoy the looks of Portland into their photos. All of your photos edited by this app will look like as they were really taken in Portland. You can also share your photo with your friends and relatives by using different options provided by this tool. It also comes up with improved quality of filters which will be very helpful for you to save both of your time and efforts in editing your photos. It is well optimized for all of the popular iOS devices like iPhone X, XR, XS and others. It has more than 3.5 rating on the official app store so it is a very nice and decent application for editing your image and give them the real feel of Portland. Continue reading

TweakBox Analog Beijing

TweakBoxAnalog Beijing is the latest app from the Analog Film City series. This application will allow you to edit your images and to give them the feel of Beijing. It is one of the best application that will allow you to perform professional image editing. This app also provides you with different filters of Beijing with which you can make your photo of Beijing feel. It also has other options like exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpen, rotate and flip and much more. You can use all of them to give the perfect touch to your images. This application will also help you to share your edited images and selfies with other people’s by using any of the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. If you want you can also use your email within this app to send your photo to a specific person. It is available for all of the iOS-based devices using iOS version 5.1 and above. You can comfortably use it on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. This application is entirely safe to use on your iOS devices and it is fully free from different kind of viruses and other threats. It does not require to register or sign up an account in order to use this tool so you do not have to give up your details of any type to this application. It is also popular because of its readymade filters that you can apply instantly to your images to make them look more professional. Continue reading

TweakBox Analog Tokyo

TweakBoxAnalog Tokyo is an amazing application for editing your photos and giving them the feel of Tokyo. It contains many filters that you can easily integrate within your images to give them the real feel of Tokyo. It is basically an application that allows you to edit your image and make them look more professional. It will give you all the advanced features to edit your image in a detailed way. It has different tools and features like saturation, contrast, crop and trim, highlights and many others by which you can easily manipulate all factors of your image and give them the real feel of Tokyo. It will help you to directly apply the filters provided by this app on your selfies, photos or any other images and it also has a feature of quick touch up by which you can easily and instantly edit any of your favourite images. It is the second app from the series of Analog Film City. This app is specially designed for the users who want to get their photos to look like they were really taken in Tokyo. It is available in a very minimal size of 22 MB so that you can easily use this application on major of your iOS devices. It is also available in different languages like English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and lot of others so if you are from a different area then you can also use this app. Continue reading