TweakBox SnapFix

TweakBoxSnapfix is a new app where you can get onboard to multiple businesses, you can view all available jobs and respond to the ones you like, if you want you can view jobs on a map and there’s also a chat feature that allows you to chat with people who are part of the business and know details or solve your queries regarding the job. Some of the best features of Snapfix are that you can search for jobs with names, tags or location, create your own jobs and add users. Snapfix also allows you to add pictures and videos for jobs for others to view.


TweakBox is one of the best third party app stores in the world for tweaked and modified apps that you can get for your iOS device, it is fast, safe and reliable. TweakBox has a very simple user interface so you will have no problem while navigating inside the app and finding the perfect app that you want. The search bar of TweakBox is pretty accurate and apps are just a single tap away from getting installed on your iOS device, with TweakBox downloads are fast and you can download more than one app at a time and don’t have to wait to install every app after the other. One of my personal favourite things about TweakBox is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device to download it but make sure you have iOS 9 or later otherwise you will face issues while using this third party app store.

Download Snapfix from TweakBox

  1. Download TweakBox from Safari Browser.
  2. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> and tap “Trust TweakBox”.
  4. Install and run TweakBox.
  5. Type Snapfix in the search bar provided above.
  6. Download the first suggestion.
  7. You may need to go to Settings>> Device Management >> and “Trust Snapfix”.
  8. Now you can see jobs availabilities and get the job you want using Snapfix

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