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TweakBoxPUBG is one of the most trending games these days, PUBG is short for Player Unknown BattleGrounds, this is a first person shooter game where you have to survive as long as possible or better survive till the end. PUBG was recently released for mobile devices after gaining so much popularity on various consoles. In this game you have to compete against other players and the one standing in the end is the winner, you can play solo, duo or with a squad in a mode, there are two modes, classic and arcade, the classic mode takes about 30 minutes in an average to finish and arcade mode lasts for 5 minutes, this mode came with the recent update and is usually for a quick match between 25 to 30 players, there are usually 100 players in a classic mode and all of them start in a plane, the players can choose to jump wherever they want to and then the fun begins, nobody is equipped in the beginning of the match and everyone has to search and pick up clothes, weapons, etc. The players can also loot other players once they kill them, players can use jeeps, cars, bikes, boats to faster reach places, with the recent update there are some clothes that you can buy in the inventory section, All in all this is a fun to play and very addictive game.


TweakBox is no mystery for all the iOS users who download the latest apps and games for free, this is a third party app store available on for iOS devices, TweakBox even has tweaks that are available on Cydia. There is no need to jailbreak your device to download TweakBox but you need to be running on iOS 9 or later. You can download PUBG via TweakBox with the instructions provided below.

Download PUBG via TweakBox.

  • Download TweakBox application market.
  • Then go to Settings > General Settings > Device Management > tap “ Trust TweakBox”.
  • Run the TweakBox app market.
  • Search PUBG and choose the first suggestion.
  • Download PUBG.
  • Now you can play PUBG and get in on the action.

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