TweakBox Plug for Minecraft PE

TweakBoxPlug for Minecraft PE is an application which helps you to use commands for Minecraft PE just like your PC version. This application enables you to use the PC command for Minecraft on your iOS devices, for example, you can use commands like a ‘give’ and ‘teleport’ during your Minecraft PE gameplay. this application works absolutely fine for both single player and multiplayer modes of the game so both types of players can use this commands within the game. As similar to the plugins on the PC version of Minecraft all the commands are controlled from within the Minecraft PE chat box. The plug is very simple to use and apply so for a start using the plug you simply need to open Minecraft PE and start a world once you are in the gameplay you can simply use commands by typing them directly into the chat and they can activate directly from there. There is no other application available on the internet for this purpose. It helps you to play like a boss even with your smart devices such as iPhone iPads and other Apple devices. It gives you the full functionality of the PC version of Minecraft game.

TweakBox is a platform to download your favourite application and games for free. This app store has different types of applications divided into categories such as Tweaked application, modified application, flash application and others. Here each of these categories contain a different type of applications such as flash application are the application which you will really found on any other App Store and tweaked applications are the application which is cracked are available for free.


Download Plug for Minecraft PE through TweakBox

● Open Safari browser and Download TweakBox.


● Now open TweakBox and search for Plug for Minecraft PE.

● Simply download and install it on your device and enjoy PC commands for Minecraft.

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