TweakBox Music Studio Lite

Music Studio Lite is one of the most popular music production applications created for iOS users. It will give you a digital audio workstation with which you can easily enjoy audio production on your iOS devices. This app offers a complete music production environment for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It will provide you a Piano keyboard along with 11 Studio quality instruments with which you can create awesome audio sounds on your devices. It also supports real-time effects that you can easily apply while creating audio through this application. It supports instant positioning via the slide gesture option that allows you to easily enjoy audio production without having any kind of issues. It also supports the option of microphone recording through which you can record sound by using the microphone of your iOS device and convert them into awesome audio clips. You can also enjoy copy and paste actions of your audio files so that you can easily copy a specific portion of audio required in your creation process. It also has high-quality reverb and resonant filter which will give you high definition audio production facilities.


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Method to Download Music Studio Lite by using TweakBox on your iPhone

  • First, confirm that your iOS device has a proper internet connection working on it.
  • Then locate the best web browser installed on your iPhone and open it.
  • Now Download TweakBox and install this third party App Store on your iOS device.
  • Then Download Music Studio Lite and enjoy this Amazing app.

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