TweakBox LightLeaker

TweakBoxLightLeaker is one of the most famous professional application that helps you to add amazing light leaks effect on your selfies and photographs. It is basically an application for editing and modifying your images to create light leaks creations. It will provide you with 30 different types of vector and filters of different light leaker effect. You can simply apply them with a single touch on your screen. It will make your image look like the old days of traditional photography. It also revives your past memory of your childhood and its interface is also very simple to use. You will also get many artistic effects to show your creations in the app and have different colours of light leaks including red, green, yellow, blue, white and many others. You will get adjustment tool with this application to automatically colour tone your photo by using the tools such as exposure and brightness tools. This will give you a feature to highlight your specific areas within the images and provide you a professional photo editing environment. Associate your creations and photographs with your friends and colleagues by using popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others. You will also have the option to adjust the resolution of your images according to specific devices.

TweakBox is going to be your favourite application once you start using it many of people around the globe love this application and use it to enjoy their favourite apps on their iOS devices. It is this application which allows you to get your beloved games along with their tweaked versions and you will also get a complete section to download the modded games and if you need to find any particular game you just need to do a Quick Search by using it’s possible to search and filter option.


Way to Download LightLeaker on your device through TweakBox

  • First go to the settings and allow the option of Trust TweakBox.
  • Then use your web browser to Download TweakBox on your device.
  • Now Download LightLeaker by using this app store.
  • Install it properly and enjoy professional level photo editing environment

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