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TweakBoxApple recently released the latest update for its iPhone or iPad users. All the users having iOS 11 in their devices will be able to see the update available in settings. iOS 11.4 is the new and improved version, iOS 11.3 release was not too long ago but as there were some bugs that had to be fixed, it was necessary for apple to fix these. The latest update takes around 15 minutes to complete if you have a good and stable internet connection or Wifi. iOS 11.4 comes with two major features, Airplay 2 and messages in iCloud. At first Airplay was a tad bit better than Bluetooth but it had so many upgrades that could be done, Airplay 2 is kind of like Google’s cast system. According to Apple there are many features included in the new Airplay 2 with a better sync. One of the biggest blunder is that if the music is being streamed from your device directly to speakers and your phone disconnects from Wifi the music dies instantly. The second major feature includes messages in iCloud to sync much faster and it is easy for you to switch devices while texting. This means if your delete a message from one device it will automatically deleted from everywhere else, so you can delete old conversations to clear up space on your device. Some other features are introduced like  Apple released special red edition wallpapers for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices.


TweakBox is one of the best app stores you can download manually on your iOS device. This third party app store offers all the same apps and games which are available on the official Apple App Store but here everything is free. TweakBox even contains modded and tweaked apps which are very hard to find. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device to download TweakBox and it works perfectly with the new iOS 11.4 update.

Download TweakBox on iOS 11.4

  • Open Safari Browser.
  • Download TweakBox.
  • Go to Settings > General Settings > Device Management > then allow “Trust TweakBox”.
  • Install TweakBox and you will have a shortcut created on your home screen.
  • Now you can download your favourite apps and games for free using TweakBox.

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