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TweakBoxInjustice 2 is finally available for all smartphones, this unbelievably famous game was first released for consoles like PlayStation 4 and box One and later when it came to Microsoft Windows, it was high time that a smartphone version had to be released. This game has all the superheroes that you can think of from future and the past, the cover picture features superman who is shown like he just went rogue. This fighting game has Tekken type fighting modes where you can choose 3 players each and fight with the players that come into battle. You have all the DC and Marvel superheroes and supervillains that you can create a team of. You can choose different background places to fight, also there are all versions of a single character like there is a good Superman and the one who has turned and is quite aggressive like the one used for the cover.


Being an iOS user is pretty hard as you have limited choice of apps and games and most of them are for a price that you have to bear to get and its just not that good. So now you can get TweakBox which is a third party app store and has all the same stuff but is much better than your pre-installed App Store. TweakBox offers more than just apps and games like it has various tweaks and mods which you can download on your iOS device and not just this but TweakBox is absolutely free. You can download TweakBox from any web browser and get Injustice 2 on your smartphone.

Download Injustice 2 from TweakBox.

  1. Download TweakBox from Safari Browser.
  2. Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> and tap “Trust TweakBox”.
  3. Install TweakBox on our smartphone and run the app store.
  4. search for Injustice 2 and download the game.
  5. Now you can play Injustice 2 on your iOS device and enjoy.

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