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TweakBoxIf you’re tired of getting the message that your ‘device is running out of storage’ then you’re at the right place. iCleaner is the best real iOS system cleaning app that does it all. This cleaner helps you deep clean your device by removing waste and unused data that takes up space on your device and is not easily accessible. iCleaner cleans cookies, cache, browsing history, unnecessary data from removed apps and much more. iCleaner takes up very less space on your device and you can use it anytime anywhere to clean your iPad or iPhone. It scans and deletes system cache files and databases which rebuilt upon respring, it also deletes all temporary files which eventually have to be removed. iCleaner detects the battery usage on different applications and target those applications to remove excess data which further optimises your device’s overall battery life. iCleaner deletes the update files which lie idle and are of no use once device is updated, you can check the app settings and grant necessary permissions if you want a more thorough and detailed cleanup for your device.


iCleaner can be downloaded from TweakBox. This is a third party app store that has all the trending apps and games available to download for free, so you don’t have to pay at all just to get the app you want. TweakBox is the next best app after Cydia in terms of providing tweaks that further help you improve your device’s features. There is no need to jailbreak your device to download TweakBox but your device needs to be running on iOS 9 or later for TweakBox to operate properly.

Download iCleaner from TweakBox

  1. Download TweakBox from Safari Browser.
  2. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> and tap “Trust TweakBox”.
  4. Install and run TweakBox.
  5. Type iCleaner in the search bar provided above.
  6. Download the first suggestion.
  7. Now you can remove excess data that you don’t need with iCleaner.

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