TweakBox Electra Jailbreak

TweakBoxElectra Jailbreak is a jailbreaking tool that allows you to jailbreak your device easily, this is a semi-untethered jailbreak meaning it has to be repeated every 7 days, it is very simple to download and jailbreak is just a single tap away, you can jailbreak with Electra with or without a PC. This is developed by the famous developer Coolstar which has also contributed in creating several other tweaks for iOS devices. Electra jailbreak does not come with Cydia installed and you have to manually install Cydia after the jailbreak. It has tons of tweaks that you can use to enhance the features of your iOS device, some of them are CircuitBreaker, ActualBattery, LetMeKnow, LetVideosRotate, AppPercent, CanYouLikeNot, DetailedCellularUsage, FingerTouch, Keyboard Accio, Portrait Lighting Enabler and many more.


TweakBox is a third party app store that you can download on your iOS device. Having an Apple device is costly enough but then iOS users have to bear the prices of all the apps and games that they download from the in-built ‘App Store’ on their device, TweakBox is a solution that fixes this problem, it has all the same apps and games which you can download for free, it is easy to download TweakBox doesn’t ask you to provide your ID and there is no need to create one to use TweakBox. IT has a intelligent user interface which works efficiently and doesn’t waste your time by providing you your favourite apps in an instant. You can download Electra Jailbreak via TweakBox with minimal instructions that are provided below.

Download Electra Jailbreak from TweakBox

  1. Download TweakBox from Safari Browser.
  2. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> and tap “Trust TweakBox”.
  4. Install and run TweakBox.
  5. Type Electra Jailbreak in the search bar provided above.
  6. Download the first suggestion.
  7. Go to Settings>> Device Management >> and “Trust Electra Jailbreak ”.
  8. Now you can easily jailbreak you device without PC using Electra Jailbreak.

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