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TweakBoxCrunchyroll++ is a tweaked version of the original Crunchyroll app which shows you all anime movies and more, it is one of the top leading media streaming apps but as most of the apps it also has subscriptions which cost money, Crunchyroll++ is a Cydia tweak of the same but comes with all the premium features unlocked, you can stream your favourite videos faster, download the movies and nimes you love with its integrated downloader, the best part is even after being a Cydia tweak there is no need to jailbreak your iOS device to download Crunchyroll++, it is compatible with almost all iPhones and iPads. It is very simple to use this app and watch your favourite content because of its awesome user interface which makes it easier to find the videos you love and watch them without any Ads or delay of any kind.


You can download Crunchyroll++ from TweakBox which is a third party app store available for all iOS devices and it comes with tons of features like providing all kinds of tweaked and modded apps for free, not only apps but you can download jailbreak softwares and different kinds of tools from TweakBox to further enhance your device features. Make sure you have iOS 9 or later on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch otherwise you may not be able to download TweakBox.

Download Crunchyroll++ from TweakBox

  1. Download TweakBox from Safari Browser.
  2. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> and tap “Trust TweakBox”.
  4. Install and run TweakBox.
  5. Type Crunchyroll++ in the search bar provided above.
  6. Download the first suggestion.
  7. You may need to go to Settings>> Device Management >> and “Trust Crunchyroll++”.
  8. Now you can watch your favourite anime and enjoy premium features of Crunchyroll with this tweak.

One thought on “TweakBox Crunchyroll++

  1. The tweaked app does not allow you to walk any remotely mature content. This is a annoyance since I can be watching a show and then I have to skip an episode due to this error.

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