TweakBox BlockyTime

TweakBoxBlockyTime is one of the best time tracker application for your iOS device. It doesn’t need to start and stop the tracker every time it can automatically execute in background and record all of your activities and prepare a report about your tracking. It is a new invention in the realm of classic time tracking application. 8tracks your time on the basis of the week and months and generate different reports respectively by which you can compare your tracking activities and improve them to increase your productivity. It is also a very useful tool which helps you to come out from your bad habits it can track them and give the report to you on a daily basis so that you can spend more time to correct and get rid of these habits and invest your time in a better opportunity. It also has a section to take notes that help you to record details of the events so that you can review them later. It is very useful for students to create their studying timetable and follow it every day and see their progress reports by the tracking feature of this app.

TweakBox is definitely the best alternative to Appleā€™s classic app store that you can use to get the favourite apps of your choice. It confirms absolutely fine on all of your iOS devices without any type of jailbreaking. Its interface is amazingly intuitive and you can easily understand its working process. This app allows you to download unlimited application and games for free. It also has a separate section where you will find all the tweaked applications and mods for your favourite games.


Download BlockyTime from TweakBox

1. Make sure your iOS device is connected to a nearby Wi-Fi network.

2. Go to your Safari browsing application and start it.

3. Download TweakBox and install it on your iOS device.


4. Now open TweakBox and Download BlockyTime and install it.

5. Get ready to enjoy tracking of your every moment.

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