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Spotify is the music streaming app made for music lovers. You can listen your favourite music anytime anywhere. But, you can’t use all of its features for free. It allows you use its premium features for $9.99. All you have to do is install this amazing app, TweakBox.


Features of Spotify++

    Some of the features of Spotify Premium are-

  1. It offers you music steaming without ads.
  2. You can scrub number of tracks you want.
  3. You will get better sound quality.
  4. You can skip unlimited sound tracks.

How to download Spotify++ using TweakBox?

Here is how you can download Spotify++ using TweakBox

  1. Download TweakBox app store on your device and open it.
  2. In the app store, go to the apps section.
  3. Tap the Music apps category. Here it will show you the list of music apps available in the app store.
  4. Type Spotify++ in the search bar and search for the results. In the result page click the Spotify++ app.
  5. Tap install, you will get a pop up window. Once again it will ask you to click install. Do it, and the app will get installed in your device.
  6. Now go the device settings and tap general. In general, tap profiles. Find Spotify++ in the list and tap the trust button given in front of its name. Now you can start streaming music without any limitations in your Spotify++.

6 thoughts on “TweakBox Spotify++

  1. Can you download music through spotify++? I’m trying to download music but it is just saying “waiting to download” but it is not actually downloading.

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