Is TweakBox Safe?

TweakBox is an alternative to iOS store and Google play store. It is a great way to discover new apps which are not listed in our regular app stores. Even the app gives you paid apps for free which you  can’t get on Google play or iOS.  Being a third party app always it has to face many speculations on its security features. Here we will tell you whether TweakBox is safe or not. Let’s first talk about its features.


Features of TweakBox

Here are the features of TweakBox app-

  1. TweakBox app is free to use. Users are not required to pay for anything.
  2. You can get paid apps for free.
  3. It avails you tweaks and hacked games.
  4. The TweakBox has catogarized its apps in five different categories which makes the navigation easy. Here are those five categories- hacked games, tweaked apps, TweakBox apps, flash apps, and app store apps.
  5. TweakBox has easy interface which makes its use convenient for users.
  6. It is updated regularly by developers.

So, is TweakBox safe?

Here’s our insight –

Many users feel that if any app is asking permission for installation of unknown sources or is a third party app, than it might be dangerous for their device. Well, if you are also one of them and thinking same about TweakBox app then we are here to clear your doubts. Our devices are designed for known apps only, but installing apps from third party would not necessarily harm our device.

TweakBox is definitely a safe app to use. Although, its third party app but would not cause any harm to your phone. Always download TweakBox from its official website to avoid any risk. You can download TweakBox in iOS as well as android without jailbreaking. Its just an app store which has many apps available for free. So, now don’t worry about your device and enjoy the app as it is totally safe to use.

What’s next? Download TweakBox and get started…

3 thoughts on “Is TweakBox Safe?

  1. Hi yes I agree it won’t reveal ur private info but after I downloaded it and downloaded some apps from that app, about 2/3 months later my phone started lagging and having these red green and purple horizontal and vertical lines then it would also freeze. So I have a suspicion that it might contain some viruses

  2. I just installed tweaked pubg apps..but got issue i cannot spectate the game after get i reinstalled the original pubg apps from i even have same me

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