TweakBox Not Working


TweakBox is an excellent app to get your all favourites apps and tweaks in your iPhone. TweakBox provides you a smooth experience. However, the app may not work sometime, or it may show some problems.


Encountering error? Please comment below and our team shall get back to you asap.


Common TweakBox Issues and Solutions

Here are the ways to fix TweakBox not working issues –

Many times it happens that your TweakBox app gets freeze or stop working.  Follow these method to solve it-

1- Profile installation failed-

Sometimes the app shows profile installation failed error, it may happen because of high traffic or overload on server. The first thing you can do to solve it is try again, if it doesn’t work then follow the given steps-

  1. Switch on the airplane mode on your iOS device.
  2. Now open safari browser and go to settings.
  3. Tap on clear history and website data and clear history and data.
  4. Switch off the airplane mode. Now check it would have solved your issue.

2- Unverified App –

This error is to common in TweakBox app. You can easily resolve it by going to your phone settings. Then go to general option and then click profile and device management. Find the certificate of app and click trust option. Go and try to run your app again. This would solve your problem.

3- Untrusted Enterprise Developer – Since TweakBox is a third-party app (outside App Store) it requires a certificate to run on iOS devices. Apple occasionally revoke the certificate which is why it may sometimes show untrusted app developer which you open the app. To fix it simply wait for an update from the team then delete old app and download latest version

4- TweakBox stops-

Your TweakBox app might stop running due to cloud flare security. As it stops the suspicious IPs to access it. You can solve it by avoiding the use of VPNs. You can also try changing the cellular networks. Furthermore, switching on the mobile data may also fix your issue.

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