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TweakBoxTweakBox is an app store that lets you download apps for free without needing to sign up first, just install the app and start downloading that apps you need. TweakBox is one of the most rapidly growing third party app stores in the world for android devices thanks to the features and simple operating systems which make it such a useful app.

TweakBox is now available on the iOS 11, the newest operating system for your iPhone and it works flawlessly with it. iOS 11 brings a lot of new things to the operating system of your iPhone such as the combination of notification tray and lock screen, etc. TweakBox does not require a rooted android device to work, you can download the third party app store on any regular android device and start downloading apps right away, you don’t even need to sign up with the app. There in so subscription needed to use TweakBox to download apps and there is no limit either, a single user can download as many apps as they want and you can also transfer the downloaded apps to other devices so you don’t have to download them again.



This particular third party app store is best known for its rather large collection of apps and games that you can access anytime using the TweakBox app on your phone and download them, some of these apps and games are pretty hard to come by but with this third party app store you get most of them compiled together, ready to be downloaded for free.

Download TweakBox for iOS 11

  • Download TweakBox for iOS 11
  • Tap on “Install” when you see the installation dialogue box and wait for the app store to get installed.
  • Nevigate to Settings > general settings and search for device management, open it and tap “Trust Tweakbox”.
  • Open the TweakBox app and start downloading your favorite apps.

Also supported on iOS 10.

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  1. Hi , I’m recently bought new ipad 2018 running iOS 11.3 try to download TweakBox only the problem is unable to pop up keyboard for enter phone number.

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