TweakBox GC4iOS

TweakBoxGC4iOS is Gamecube emulator for iOS which allows the iOS user to play games originally released for Gamecube or Wii, this game emulator is not available on the official App Store so the user can download GC4iOS from its official website, GC4iOS is currently in beta testing mode so most of the games are not yet made available to play on this emulator.

GC4iOS is currently getting updated so the new and improved version of this emulator is expected to launch soon. GC4iOS uses Dolphin’s’ PowerPC Interpreter and an OpenGL backend. You can find ROMS of your favourite games on this emulator and download them directly to play on your iOS device.



TweakBox is the best third party app app store for all the iOS users out there. There is no need to jailbreak your device to download and use this app. TweakBox allows the user to have most of the features of jailbreak device and is often mentioned as the second best app after Cydia. As its name TweakBox provides all the best tweaked apps, games and softwares for your iOS device to further enhance the device’s features. You can download TweakBox for devices running on iOS 9 firmware or up.

Download GC4iOS on TweakBox

  • Launch Safari browser and Download TweakBox app store.
  • Wait for TweakBox to download.
  • Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap on “ Trust TweakBox”.
  • Run TweakBox and search for GC4iOS and download.
  • Once again go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap on “ Trust GC4iOS”.
  • Run GC4iOS and you can download and play all you favorite Gamecube games.

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