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TweakBoxWe all know what FaceBook is and all of us use it on a regular basis to stay connected with our friends and family, even after all those updates it provides you to do on a regular basis and makes you feel you have all the features then you are wrong, Facebook++ is a tweaked version of the original app which offers you features you never thought of, one of the first feature that saves space on your device is that it allows you to send messages without the messenger app, so there is no need for another app just to text your friends, not only this but there are timestamps with every text and is visible on all the messages. There is a 6 picture limit when you share pictures in messenger app, this tweak gives you access to send unlimited photos. Facebook added VoIP to the messenger app that drains your battery pretty fast, well Facebook++ disables this feature and saves your battery, with Facebook++ you can directly download all the videos to your mobile device with just a single tap, you can copy videos to your Clipboard and the recent feed allows you to see more recent posts instead of the popular ones. There is even a 4 digit passcode or Touch ID that you can enable so FaceBook asks for your password every time you run the app.


TweakBox is a free to download  third party app store available for iOS users, it provides all kinds of mods and tweaks as well. TweakBox offers all the apps, games and softwares to download for free. It contains tweaks that are available only on Cydia. However, there is no need to jailbreak your device to download TweakBox, you just have to make sure your device is running on iOS 9 or higher so there is no issue in downloading TweakBox.

Download Facebook++ from TweakBox

  • Open Safari browser.
  • Download TweakBox.
  • Once the download finishes.
  • Open Settings > General Settings > Device Management > then allow “Trust TweakBox”.
  • Launch TweakBox and type Facebook++ in the search bar
  • Download Facebook++.
  • Once again go to Settings > General Settings > Device Management > then allow “Trust Facebook++”.
  • Now you can enjoy all features of Facebook++.

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