TweakBox Anemometer

TweakBoxAnemometer is one of the best apps that will provide you with a virtual Anemometer on your iOS devices. It will help you to detect the temperature, air humidity, wind speed and other details of the weather in your area. It is the most accurate app ever created for displaying search detailed weather information. This application is specially designed for the users who are interested in collecting the data about the weather. It can be installed on all of your iPhones, iPads and iPods. It requires the iOS version 8 and above in order to use this app. It will have a different option for viewing temperature. You can switch easily between the units like Celsius or Fahrenheit to measure Temperature. It also has a barometer that will allow you to measure the air pressure in your area. It also displays other information such as map, wind speed and other details so you can get all sort of detail about the weather of any location with this app. It is fully safe and updated regularly. Continue reading

TweakBox TouchRetouch

TweakBoxTouchRetouch is the most famous application for your mobile devices which will be helpful for you to declutter your photos. It help to remove unnecessary object from your images. You can easily edit any of your photos in order to remove various objects like wires, cables, cracks and many other objects. It is very easy to use this app and provide you direct option to select any object and remove it magically. It has the facility of autofill the space of the removed object with which you don’t even tell by just seeing the image that the object is removed from image. It will be helpful for making your selfies more good looking. It also removes pimples and skin blemishes from your beautiful selfies. It will be also used to remove the surface breaks and scratch over a particular object. It can work fine on both straight and curved object and remove all type of scratches. It also supports all feature of one-touch fixes which made it very easy for you to fix your photos with just a single touch. It also provide a simple method for retouching your photos by adjusting the colour toning of your image and make them looking the perfect. You will also get easy to follow tutorials on the web from which you can learn the advance usage of this app. Continue reading

TweakBox Dark Sky Weather

TweakBoxDark Sky Weather is the best weather forecasting application available on the internet. It will provide you with the real-time information of the weather at your resident location. You can easily search this app based on the map and you will get all the historical information of the weather about a specific place. This information is used by advanced weather forecasting experts to predict future weather of that place. It can also allow you to know about upcoming weather so that you will already be prepared yourself before going outside the home. It can show the notification whenever there is an instant change in weather is predicted. It is your best app to provide all the hyper-local weather information. The interface of this app is simple and you will get all the information in a well-organized way with charts graph, images and text. It will also you to show a different time of the day where the weather has changed frequently. You can also explain its feature of the advance map which will provide you with more detailed information about the weather. Continue reading

TweakBox Airpano Travel Book

TweakBoxAirPano Travel Book is the best application ever created for all of the users who want to enjoy the virtual experience of travelling. It will provide you 360 degree view of various location that you can enjoy on your iPhone and iPad. It enhance your virtual travelling experience with these aerial panoramas. It is one of the best collection of unique panorama of the unique places from all around the globe. All the photos are taken from the view of a bird’s eye which will give you the thrill of a new vision of seeing different places. It will takes you on an amazing journey to your favourite photographic locations. You can easily explorer all of the most popular places like Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, beautiful beaches and many other places. You can also search historical locations and get the 3D panorama of the location and it is regularly updated with more and more new places along with their high quality of aerial paranormal. It can also enable you to enrol in its subscription service to access additional content where you will get every day new panoramas. It is absolutely fine to search your favourite locations within this app. Continue reading

TweakBox Air Video HD

TweakBoxAir Video HD is the new video application for your favourite devices. It allows you to watch videos instantly from your one device to another. Now you can easily stream and watch any video stored on your computer on your iPad and iPhones. It can also give the facility to stream your favourite movies and TV shows on your Apple TV directly from your computer. Its interface is very neat and clean and perfectly crafted to provide you with the best user experience. You can also enjoy it in the new offline mode where you can download any video in your collection and enjoy the playback without having an Internet connection. It will provide you with the latest features of sharing folders between your two devices. In order to get started with this app, you have to pay a small fee to get access to the amazing features of this app. This app will also enable you to enjoy the fastest streaming possible by providing you with the amazing features and flawless support of H.264 pass within this app. It is very easy to set up your user account and profile with this app and all of your details will be kept safe and secure in the right hands. Continue reading

TweakBox AirPano City Book

TweakBoxAirPano City Book is the best application for you if you want to enjoy the virtual travelling experience at different places. It will provide you with the unique collection of spherical photos from the most amazing places in the world. You can enjoy them right into your iOS and Android devices to get a better travelling experience virtually. The interface of this app is specially designed to provide you with real life like travelling experience. It offers you tons of Panoramas of the most popular place that you dream about to visit. Now you can explore each and every detail of that place within your Android device with 360 degree virtual Tours. It can also provide you unique aerial panoramas of your favourite places like Eiffel Tower, Carnival Of Venice, ground Russia and many other popular places like these. It contains HD images that you can easily find in different collections within the app which will showcase all the details of the particular place in a 3D environment. You can take the virtual tours of many popular cities like Paris, Dubai, Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Singapore and many others. It is very easy to download and to get started with your virtual tours in this app. Continue reading

TweakBox 1 Second Everyday

TweakBox1 Second Everyday is a new application that revolves around the concept of making your video diary of the little moment of your life. It is an app used by any user. It is developed by a developer named Caesar Kuriyama. This app helps you can easily record 1-second video of every day and create your life story. Then you can make a big collection of this 1-second video and showcase them in your own video library. It also gives you an integrated video player to view and your makes videos. It has the facility to set the reminders so that on each day you will get a notification to create your one-second video and you will never miss your creation process. It also provides you required editing tool to mash up your small videos and create the bigger ones. then you can get all the basic options like trim, zoom, crop and many others into this app. You can also add a snippets feature. You will also get a good backup and restore facility with this app that is it automatically synchronise all of your video recording of 1 second to your Google drive so in case accidentally you lose your Android device these videos will be safe and all of your hard work can be completely secure in your Google Drive. Continue reading

TweakBox Avoid Revoke

TweakBoxAvoid Revoke is an application that you should definitely consider if you want to revoke the permissions for your favourite apps. This application is a specially designed for iOS devices which are used by a whole lot of population and this application is specific for the users who want to use that different kind of app stores provided by the third party on their iOS device. Then this app will give the revoking permissions to these type of apps and it is completely free don’t have to pay a single penny in order to use the features provided by this app. It does not even contain a single bit of advertisement to disturb your workflow so you will get a focused User experience within this app and it is also very good by the way of the interface. In order to use this application you first have to register an account on this app. Then you can enjoy the full features provided by this awesome application. It is most trusted and completely secure from all type of threats so you don’t have to worry about anything. It is the best verification app ever created by the developers. The concept of this app is working on the running app on your devices and revoking their permissions so if you want to do such kind of thing that this is the best possible application for you. Continue reading

TweakBox Bass Tuner BT1 Pro

TweakBoxBass Tuner BT1 Pro is a world-class application by which you can easily use the Optimizer for tuning a low-frequency musical instrument. It is an app that is available for your iOS devices so you can easily use it on your iPhones and iPads. It will give you the feature to show the exact pitch note and deviation so that he can edit them with full availability. You will also get the feature of tuning any bass instrument that you want with high accuracy. This will make your creations more accurate than ever before. This tool provides you with a simple to use interface with direct navigating controls and it is an essential tool for every bass player. This tool has the automatic feature of tone generator which will be very useful even for the new users. It will work absolutely fine with your iPads and provide you with all the advanced feature of a professional Bass tuner. You will also get the ability to set the frequency of a tune. It can generate some sample tones over a note range of three of the ways which will be very helpful so this is the app for face during that you should definitely consider trying at least once. Continue reading

TweakBox BeFunky Pro

TweakBoxBeFunky Pro is an app which will provide you cutting edge facility of photo editing and collage making. It can be available for each and every iOS device that you have and you will also get the feature of the professional level for editing tools within this app. It is one of the most powerful photo editors that exist on the internet. It will provide you with a dynamic collage maker where you can easily create a collage and store your precious moment in a single photo. You can easily place multiple photos in the different template that it will provide to you and your collages will look very awesome. You will also get the essential editing tools like layering, cropping, Pan and zoom, auto-tuning and many others. This application has artificial intelligence facilities which will give you the feature of fixing blemishes on your skin so that your skin will look more clear in your selfies. You can also have the option to directly implement photo overlays on your images or photos to make them attractive within a few seconds. You will also get a whole lot of frames that you can apply directly and these friends are of categories like an instant, film strip, grunge, classic Reigns and much more. Continue reading