TweakBox Easy Zip – With Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud

Easy Zip – With Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud is an amazing iOS application that will provide you the facility to easily create, extract and share zip files along with many other compressed file formats on your iOS devices. This app also has the latest feature of cloud integration through which you can enjoy and maximize your cloud storage space by compressing files and folders. This application supports many cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, and iCloud storage. It will provide you instant options through which you can easily create compressed files in your preferable formats directly through your iOS devices. Then you can also share those files to your colleagues by using the email services. This application is completely free and it does not have any kind of restrictions or limitations so you can use it for as long as you want. This application is also very useful whenever someone sends you a Zip file and you want to view all of its contents. You can easily do that through this app by opening the file without extracting it and view all of the contents of the zip file. Continue reading

TweakBox HiDisk

HiDisk is an Ultimate iOS application that will provide you a fully functional wireless storage device that you can use to access your favourite movies, photos, music, and documents on the wireless storage by using the facilities of this application. This app also provides you the option of files sorting where it automatically categorized your content into photos, videos, music, and other documents so that you can easily view them within the application. You just have to swipe left or right to quickly navigate through the content on this app. It also supports the option of radio playback which allows you simultaneously stream videos to multiple users from the wireless storage device. This app also has the complete support of various media formats that you will need to have a great video streaming experience. It also provides you many other useful features such as file transfer that allows the users to upload files to the wireless storage device to free up space on their own mobile devices. It also has the option of auto backup where the users can automatically backup their albums and contacts to the device so that they can easily get them whenever they want. This application will provide you the best-encrypted partition access system where the user can access the encrypted partition of the wireless device by using their password. Continue reading

TweakBox Phone Cleaner – Delete Photos

Phone Cleaner – Delete Photos is an Ultimate iOS application that will help you to delete your unnecessary photos and video files from your iOS devices. This is all you need to clean your iPhone and free up space by removing duplicate or unnecessary photos or video files. This application provides you ultimate statistics on how heavy is your media and how much space they are taking up on your iOS devices. This application uses a smart detection algorithm to find blurred, duplicated, and similar photos, and then it will provide instant options to clean all of them by selecting them one by one, or you can select all and remove them from your device. It also provides you a user-friendly interface which will make it really easy for you to use the features provided by this application. It is also a very lightweight app so you can easily install it on your iOS devices of all ranges. This app provides you a free trial period where you can enjoy the services of this app for a limited time then you have to purchase its subscription in order to enjoy the feature of this app. It also provides you additional filters to make the removal process more efficient so that you can filter out the content that you want to remove immediately from your device. Continue reading

TweakBox Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies

Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies is currently the most popular live streaming application which allows you to enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies on your iOS devices. It will provide you more than 250 channels with thousands of movies for free that you can enjoy watching within your iOS devices with your friends and family members. You can also enjoy a powerful search and filter options in order to find out any of your favourite media content quickly on this application. It also provides you with breaking news where you can enjoy up to the minute headlines from major news channels like CNN, NBC News, CMBS, and TODAY. It helps you to update yourself with recent happenings all over the world. You can also enjoy iconic moments and classic sports channels and watch your favourite matches without missing a single minute. This app has a nicely designed user interface where you can perfectly control the settings of your media playback as per your necessities. It also comes in different languages like English, Portuguese and Spanish so the users from these countries can enjoy the facilities given by this application. Continue reading

TweakBox Possible: Loans & Cash Advance

Possible: Loans & Cash Advance is a popular financial iOS application that will help you to borrow money, build credit, and apply for loans and the cash advance on the go by just using your smart devices. This application helps you to get an instant loans of $500 in minutes with bad or no credit. You can also get the option to repay in installments to build your credit history and improve financial health. This application is popular because it helps people on the lower end of the credit spectrum to improve their financial Outlook. It will also provide you a nicely designed user interface where you will get all the necessary tools to perfectly manage your finance. You can also set the payment date over time as per your necessity is and the amount will be automatically deducted on the selected time. This application helps you to prevent costly overdraft fees and reclaim your hard-earned money back. It is better than most of the banks that are draining your account when you can least afford it and then this application comes into play to help you to get it back. Continue reading

TweakBox myFICO – Official FICO Scores

myFICO – Official FICO Scores is an amazing credit monitoring iOS application that will provide you exceptional features to get your credit score instantly through your iOS-based devices. It is compatible with your iPhone, iPod, and iPad so you can easily run this app flawlessly on any of your iOS-based devices in order to quickly view and monitor your credit scores. This application also provides you full credit reports based on data from the three largest credits. You can also monitor your identity and get notifications on your phone about your credit scores. This app also provides your insights where you can learn how your credit history affects your FICO scores. You can also receive alerts in order to monitor your credit and identity including optional push notifications that you can apply for getting additional news and alerts rather than your personal information. You can also track your FICO score over time by using the feature of score history graph where it will provide you a graphical representation of your score so that you can easily Dracut and it takes. It will also provide you the option to setups Touch ID and Facial ID in order to properly secure your personal credit-related information by using the best encryption methods. Continue reading

TweakBox Clarity Money – Budget Manager

Clarity Money – Budget Manager is one of the best Budget Manager applications for your iOS devices which will help you to get more clarity about your Savings and enjoy a high power financial champion which is fully loaded with many advanced features that you can enjoy on your iOS devices. This app helps you to control your spending by tracking your expenses in a graphical format. You can also grow your money with high yield savings by following the tips and instructions provided by this app. It allows you to create and track your budget easily by just setting up a few things within this app. This application uses machine learning to analyze your personal finance and then it will help you to make smart decisions about your money. You can take full control of your budget and expenses and Discover ways to save more with the help of clarity money application. It also helps you to save time while organizing your bills with automated expense tracking. You can also save money with a Marcus online savings account and monitor recurring expenses to cancel unwanted subscriptions for expenses.

Continue reading


TweakBox DriveSaver – Data Recovery

DriveSaver – Data Recovery is one of the most popular hard drive simulator applications that you can enjoy on your iOS-based devices. This app is the one and only hard drive simulator available outside to enjoy on your different iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This application will provide you the most important feature of cash a hard drive which will help you to understand simulation of real-world hard drive failures and the experience is that user has on a daily basis so that you can properly analyze the situation and find out some of the best solutions in order to stand out the hard drive failures. This application also provides you the diagram of a solid-state drive circuit board so that you can properly understand each and every component. You can also explore different parts of the drive and their functions directly through this application and you can also analyze that a for data loss occur then how you can help to prevent catastrophic loss for data recovery. This application is available in multiple languages including English and Spanish so the users from these countries can enjoy this app. It requires iOS 11.0 or the newest version installed on your device to work properly. Continue reading

TweakBox iFonebox – recover lost iPhone data

iFonebox – recover lost iPhone data is one of the most popular iOS applications which will help you to easily recover your deleted data from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This application is specially designed to be the acceleration part of PC data recovery software named as iFonebox. It also allows you to connect your iOS device and easily recover your data including lost messages, notes, contacts, and many other kinds of data. You can also create a backup of your iPhone data and store it on your PC. This application is the lifesaver to most of the customers who have used them. It also provides you many other additional features as you can directly enjoy data recovery facilities on your iPhone in order to recover deleted video files and audio files. You can also extract the Hardware information of your iOS device in a readable format and it also allows you to set recovery and backup reminders so that you will be get notified whenever the necessary time period is over. This app also provides you a newly supported option of adding videos to a private area where this app helps you to hide your videos on your iOS device while adding an extra layer of security to them. Continue reading

TweakBox Usage System Activity and Info

Usage: System Activity & Info is very useful all in one monitor which will help you to monitor and track your device hardware information and the ongoing activity of your device. You can monitor the Core features of your iOS device and get information about various components in the form of crops and visualization. It allows you to perfectly monitor your CPU activity graph, memory allocation, storage usage, network data usage, CPU activity graph, battery status, device specification info, download and upload speed of your network, and many more things that are going on your iOS device. You can also enjoy the additional features of this application where it allows you to differentiate appearances, colors, and app icons from each other by providing the option of customization. You can also enjoy custom ordering of the components as per your requirements. This application also helps you to compare the widget from the app so that you can directly get the data on your home screen. This application also provides the premium subscription that you can purchase in order to enjoy an ad-free environment and the best experience of this application. Continue reading