TweakBox WinZip Pro

TweakBoxWinZip Pro is an exceptional application which allows you to create, extract and manage zip files on your Android phones iOS devices. It allows you to compress your big files including image, videos and audios so that your phone’s storage can be made available to other apps. It helps you to stretch your data limits. You can simply open any of MS Word Excel or access documents via this tool. It is fully compatible with other software such as WinRAR, 7zip and many more so so you can easily edit your zip files created on your smartphone on your computer or laptop. Now you don’t have to worry to open zip files from an important email from your colleague you can simply do it with this powerful tool. It comes up with a high-level encryption which gives the complete security to your valuable and sensitive information so that no Intruder can get an authorised access to your valuable data. It also gives you the cloud facility where you can store your digital files in the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about them when the lost. WinZip Pro allows you to encrypt your zip files with 128-bit asymmetric encryption method which fully protect your sensitive documents. Continue reading

TweakBox Tweetings

TweakBoxTweetings is one of the most innovative Twitter clients which will help you to ameliorate your Twitter experience. It assists you with a variety of beautiful themes and material based design with a highly customizable powerful feature. It also provides you with add-free experience so that you can easily focus on your searches and post without interrupting by annoying ads. It also has a push notification feature which will give you notification for your cellular data, direct messages, other phone calls and all of your latest tweets. It has a collection of more than 39 beautiful design themes in which it has 19 themes featured dark and others are in light theme category. it also comprises of an improved timeline which has many more additional features as compared to the classic Twitter timeline which gives you the full flexibility to completely customise your experience. Greetings also provide you with a stacked timeline which will help you to view your tweets in a grouped manner by the user who posted them so that you find it very easy to find the tweets of a particular friend. You can also bookmark your favourite web pages and posts with the help of bookmarking feature. It also enables you to directly post gifts by using giphy or tenor. tweetings also come with video posting support through which you can post your video clips up to 3 minutes. This app will give you the full control over the look and feel of your Twitter account.

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TweakBox Telegram Messenger

TweakBoxTelegram messenger is one of the most famous messaging apps which is highly focused on security and speed. It allows you to send fast, secure and synced instant messages to your friends and family members. It has more than 2 billions of active user in its user base so that if you have any problem with the configuration you can easily get support over the internet through many of the trustable resources. Telegram messenger is one of the fastest messaging app ever utilised by the humanity which will help you to connect with peoples at vast distances with the help of a distributed network which is spread across the globe. It has an amazing feature of synchronisation by which all of your messages can be synced among your different devices so you don’t have to worry about losing your data ever again. It allows you to send media files without any size limits which will make your connectivity more efficient. Telegram messenger is one of the most secure messenger application available on the internet it automatically stores all of your chat history and online activities on its cloud so that at your device disk space will be freed. It enables you to create your group and chat with your multiple friends at a single time this feature will be very helpful for taking interviews and planning for projects.

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TweakBox Send Anywhere

TweakBoxSend anywhere is an application which allows you to transfer or share your digital files with your family and friends. It provides you and a simple, quick and unlimited file sharing so that you can share unlimited files between your different devices. It requires a one time I’m lucky which is of 6 digits to easily transfer your files with others. It is based on Wi-Fi hotspot Technology to share your files such as xender and share it. It does not need an Internet connection odd you are cellular data to transfer your files but your device must have a Wi-Fi or hotspot function in order to use this application. Send anywhere also facilities you with its easy to link sharing functionality through which you can easily share the link to any online resources on all of your social media networks and messaging apps. It is completely secure and uses an advanced encryption method to protect all of your data from unauthorised access so that without your permission no one can access your files. You can easily transfer your videos photos and music to your PC or laptop from your Android tablet via this application. Send anywhere also have a young team of volunteers which is always available to you if you got any issue or error they always help you and give you instant feedback.

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TweakBox Pixure

TweakBoxPixure is one of the most innovative and advanced pixel art tool available on the internet. This tool allows you to create edit and manage awesome pixel art on your or iOS-based device such as iPhone and iPads. it has a simplified and is it use interface which is specially designed in such a way that even a new user can use it with full efficiency. This is a cross-platform application which supports multiple devices such as smart Apple watches, iPhones iPods and other Apple devices. It gives you various feature such as layering which allows you to create copy reorder hide to transform and move multiple layers with respect to one another so that you can create your professional artworks effortlessly. It also provides you advanced tolerance feature which is known as bucket fill. Pixure has an integrated colour picker tool which helps you to pick any colour from any images for web pages on the Internet and it gives the colour code, Hex and RGB values so that you can also use it in your creations. this also allows you to draw various shapes that is rectangle square circle and many more with its shape drawer. Pixure also show gives you a cloud storage facility on which you can share or store all of your creation and artworks.

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TweakBox OfficeSuite Pro

TweakBoxOfficeSuite Pro is a professional alternative of Microsoft Office which is available for Android device. It allows you to easily view, edit and create almost all types of document in your Android device. It also provides you with an integrated file manager by which you can easily find the created document file in your phone’s storage. Its user interface is very rich and easy to use so that you can simply create Complex office documents in a desktop familiar interface. OfficeSuite Pro is fully compatible with almost all of the Microsoft document formats such as XLS, PPT, DOCX and many more. This application also facilities you to scan any PDF file using your device camera and export your PDF files to any device such as computer or laptops. Office Suite Pro also gives you an online drive in which you can store your documents up to 5GB be in the cloud so that when you accidentally delete your files you can get them or restore them from there. This app also has a chat feature by which you can communicate with your family and friends. It also comes up with an integrated Spell checker which will help you to automatically find the errors in your space in the documents and it also suggests you the correct spelling of the incorrect words.

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TweakBox Focus To-Do

TweakBoxDo you want to improve your focus skills? If yes then we introduce you with Focus To-Do which is a useful application to improve your focus on work and study. It helps you to handle your procrastination and achieve your goal faster with laser focus concentration. this app fully supports all operating systems such as iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows, iPad, Apple watch and many more that enables you to synchronise your data among any of your devices. It comes up with an integrated focus timer which has multiple smart starts, break, pause and stop option to manage time. It allows users to define the focus time which is divided into intervals of several minutes. Using this app you can completely schedule and manage each and every activity of a complete day with more efficient and effective way and you can also track your progress by comparing your reports before and after trying this app. This app display all your or to do activities in form of graph and charts on its beautiful and easy to use interface. Focus To-Do assist you with its various reminding functions through which you can set alarm and reminder according to your tasks. This app also gives you the ability to whitelist any other application which disturbs you to keep focusing on your work.

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TweakBox Claro PDF Pro

TweakBoxClaroPDF Pro is a very useful application which helps you to completely customize your PDF files on your Android and iOS devices. It enables you to download quality voices of your choice which helps you how to read your PDF file by using its text to speech feature. It assists you with the flexibility to listen to your PDF file in the background while you are using some other application on your device. It also so provides you with the facility to change the background of your PDF file you can set any of your favourite colours and images in the background which will enhance your readability and you can nearly annotate any PDF file by using this powerful application. It allows you to convert your photos to PDF files which can be easily searched, copied, spoken or highlighted using any of your favourite software. If you exceed more than 5000 images then you need to avail its in-app purchase to unlock more credits. ClaroPDF Pro comes up with an intelligent zoom feature which will allow you to adjust the level of Zoom manually. It also provides you search and navigation facilities by which you can easily find any sentence or word by simply searching them in your document. ClaroPDF Pro is capable of managing multi-page PDF documents with more efficiency as compared to any of its competitive substitute.

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TweakBox Zillow

TweakBoxDo you want to find out of the best possible solution for your real estate business? Are you the one who wants to become the next leader of real estate? If yes then we have a powerful tool for you which is known as Zillow. It is a useful application which helps you to post requirements or deals related with homes and apartments. It is the final stop to get all the real estate solutions. If you are home buyer you can search the available details through its powerful search and filter options which allows you to find the deal which is best suited for you. If you want to get a room for rent then this is the perfect application for you where you easily get a complete list of all houses at your desired location. It also facilitates you with a monthly payment calculator by which you can easily calculate all of your payment based on the sale and price of your deals. You can utilise the power of this powerful platform by using its web interface for its mobile apps. Zillow mobile apps are very lightweight in size so it can help you with storage space. It supports multiple languages so you can get its benefits in different languages such as French, German, English, Japanese and many more. Zillow also assists you to make the best deal by its current rate comparing feature where you can compare the rate of multiple houses and apartments available in your area according to their price, sizes and other multiple factors.

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TweakBox AdBlock

TweakBoxAre you the one frustrated with the tiresome ads? AdBlock is a powerful tool which helps you to get rid of annoying ads in your smartphone. It is easy to use and customisable application which will allow you to fully control your browsing experience. Adblock Browser is an easy to use, a customizable web browser that gives you control over your mobile browsing experience. Block ads, browse faster, save battery life & data. Quick, safe & private. This tool is completely focused on your privacy, security and user control so that you can and surf the internet with complete anonymity. Using this tool you can and effortlessly bypass ads on videos, banner ads and pop up ads. AdBlock also has a very useful function by which it allows only the ad which is respectful according to its rules and regulation so that original create a can be supported. It also helps you to secure your browsing history, online activity and valuable data from various infectious websites and applications. It gives you the ability to completely disable tracking with only a single tap and you will become completely anonymous on the internet. Its interface is fully customizable so that you can change its look and appearance according to your needs. This application is completely free and you can enjoy it on your iOS and Android-based devices.

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