TweakBox Whink

TweakBoxWhink is the best alternative of Evernote app how to take notes of your important topics. It can be used by many iOS users to take efficient typing and handwriting notes. All of your data can be automatically sync to your iCloud that will make your notes available to your other iOS devices. It is very fast and easy to use and takes less memory storage on a device so it is more effective and efficient as compared to any other app of its kind. Its interface is very simple and you can use it without having any tech knowledge. It will allow you to write, edit and remove your notes and you can also export your notes to a PDF file and share it with your friends so they can also get benefits from your hard work. You will also get other amazing features such as photos stickers and various shapes which you can add here to your notes to make them more readable and interesting. Its new feature of audio recording along with notes is very amazing and liked by many users. Continue reading

TweakBox MyScript Calculator

TweakBoxMyScript Calculator is a fantastic application available for iOS users. You can effortlessly use this app on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. it helps you to perform mathematical operations naturally by using your handwriting. You just need to write mathematical expression on your the screen of your device and this app will magically convert your equation and solve them for you. It also helps you to convert a digital number to the text in real time without any time lag. You can do nearly all type of mathematical calculation by using this powerful application. Its controls and use it more efficiently. it provides you with many interesting features such as redo and undoes that help you to recover your calculations whenever you lost them accidentally. This tool also has a gesture support that will make it easy to handle symbol and numbers. You can operate this application into viewing modes one of them are landscape and the other is portrait and you can enjoy any of them dynamically whenever you want. Continue reading

TweakBox Meridian Jailbreak

TweakBoxMeridian Jailbreak is one of the most awesome tools for iOS users. It works with all version of your iOS 10 and it helps you to jailbreak your device which is based on 64-bit architecture and it allows you to take the full control over each and every aspect of your device. It is released to the public recently on the previous Tuesday and it is getting a very good response from the audience which is eagerly waiting for it to be released. It enables you to access the root of your iPhone and change any settings that you want to modify which is previously blocked by your iOS system. This tool is a gives you the experience of a semi-untethered jailbreak so in order to use this tool you need to re-run the app from your home screen off the device every time whenever you restart your device this is the only condition but it is not so much as compared to its fast features that you will enjoy. If you have any issues while installing this app you can simply go to its website and follow up the tutorials and you will easily understand its working without making many efforts. Continue reading

TweakBox Magic Launcher Pro

TweakBoxMagic Launcher Pro is an app for iOS users which will help them to create shortcuts of other apps. This app allows you to bring shortcuts of other system apps in your notification centre without making any efforts. It has an unlimited capacity that allows you to launch apps and actions with more than 1 million apps consist of many popular applications such as Facebook Instagram Snapchat and many more. By using this powerful application you can design your custom launcher layout and modify the size of your icons text and shapes. Its contacts feature allows you to set up instant contact with the help of call messages audio male and other ways. Its interface is also simple and comes up with to do a guide that helps you to understand every aspect and option of this app. It allows you to have multiple launchers for various different tasks. Magic Launcher Pro can work absolutely fine with your iPhones and iPads. You can also be fascinated with iCloud backup and restore options through which you can sync all of your data across your different devices. You don’t have to worry about your language it can support multiple languages so you are from any country it can definitely work for you. Continue reading

TweakBox iThoughts

TweakBoxiThoughts is one of the most useful applications for iOS users it helps you to map your mind by using various effective tools. You can you use this tool on your Apple devices such as iPhone iPods and iPads. This app allows you to visualise your thoughts and organise your ideas and information in a list or in an organised manner with the help of this app. You can create a summary based on your plans and execute it efficiently by using this tool. iThoughts allows you to take notes from your learnings and memorise them with more efficiency so that you can score better in your exams. If you want to do some brainstorming you can also do it with this app. It also allows you to import and export your creations or list in a memory file type that are compatible with your desktop applications. You can convert your plans into a PPT presentation or a DOCX file for Microsoft office and take them with you wherever you want. It can also allow you to convert your visualisation into images and then export these images to your device. iThoughts provides you with an option to upload and download your creations on its online website where you can share your ideas with the online community. Continue reading

TweakBox G0blin Jailbreak

TweakBoxDo you want to jailbreak your iOS device without any issues? Are you ready to take the full control of a device? If yes then let me introduce you with Goblin Jailbreak and it is an application that allows you to jailbreak your iOS devices very easily. It was developed by an expert named hacker sticktion and this app to making it much easier to sideload inchi break your iOS device. It is fully compatible with all of your iOS devices having iOS 10.3 and above versions up to 10.3.3. This application will absolutely fine in order to jailbreak your iPhone, iPads and iPods. unfortunately, it has some problem with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus because they are somehow not compatible with this app but you can use it on many other iPhones versions very smoothly. It offers you are semi-tethered Jailbreak that you can enjoy by simply reading the app present restrain every time you reboot your device. before starting with your process of jailbreaking make sure that your phone battery has more than 70% in order to successfully complete the jailbreak process otherwise it might break your OS and lead to your smartphone in a non-working condition. Continue reading

TweakBox Cape Creator for Minecraft

TweakBoxCape Creator for Minecraft is an amazing application for your iOS device. It helps you to create and modified capes in the Minecraft and you can also share them with your friends and colleagues so they can also use them. It also provides you with the access to a large library of pre-made cape templates which you can use to make your capes more awesome. In order to start using them, you just need to download that your device and then you are able to edit them by using tape creator for Minecraft tool. This collection of capes can be regularly updated and thousands of new templates are added to this collection on daily basis. You can easily use this application on your iPhone iPod and iPad without having any issues. This app also allows you to create and edit these capes while you are offline. It has an exceptionally intuitive interface that gives you the full control over your Creations. All of your work can be saved so that whenever there is some network issue you can continue from the moment where you left and your works cannot be deleted. You can also upload and share your skin through this powerful application. There is no limitation you can create unlimited Capes and also adjust their texture according to your needs. Continue reading

TweakBox BlockyTime

TweakBoxBlockyTime is one of the best time tracker application for your iOS device. It doesn’t need to start and stop the tracker every time it can automatically execute in background and record all of your activities and prepare a report about your tracking. It is a new invention in the realm of classic time tracking application. 8tracks your time on the basis of the week and months and generate different reports respectively by which you can compare your tracking activities and improve them to increase your productivity. It is also a very useful tool which helps you to come out from your bad habits it can track them and give the report to you on a daily basis so that you can spend more time to correct and get rid of these habits and invest your time in a better opportunity. It also has a section to take notes that help you to record details of the events so that you can review them later. It is very useful for students to create their studying timetable and follow it every day and see their progress reports by the tracking feature of this app. Continue reading

TweakBox Arctic Cydia Alternative

TweakBoxArctic Cydia Alternative is one of the best package installer used by many people for their iOS devices. It was developed by a popular member of the jailbreak community named as Antique Dev. This app is most popular among iOS users who want to jailbreak their iOS devices. If you want to take the full control of your device and willing to have extended settings that you want then this app might be very helpful for you. it works absolutely fine with an old version of firmware is that some devices still have. It provides you with a dynamic loading system that will help you to load multiple application dynamically and it also says your memory from high-end gaming applications. It has the customised and easy to use user interface that is specifically designed for the user who wants simplicity. Arctic Cydia Alternative is also the best alternative of many apps that allow you to jailbreak your iOS device. Continue reading

TweakBox True Skate

TweakBoxTrue Skate is one of the best League Skateboard game available on the internet for Android users. This game has stunning animation and realistic effects based on Real world physics that gives you an amazing skateboarding experience. In order to control your player you simply need to drag your finger on your screen to move in different directions. It also facilitates you to play in slow motion so that you can enjoy the thrill of a skating. In this game, you have different types of skateboards and players from which you can select your favourite one. In this game, you have to face various challenges and you can also choose League to play option to become the next champion of the game. True Skate also gives you the ability to replicate the moves of your favourite skateboarders with making fewer efforts. Continue reading