TweakBox Cyber Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle

Cyber Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle is the best combination of fantasy, action and fighting game. Cyber fighters is an offline player versus player game. You can enjoy this game with your friends even if you don’t have any internet connection. This game consists of a world full of cyber weapons, slash combats, gang wars, survival battles, hack and many more. This game consists of 5 unique cyber fighters with unique powerful skills and massive battle style. You can unlock these characters by playing and collecting points. This game provides a wide range of amazing weapons with high damage power which are fully customizable. You can also customize your own character. If you are a fan of classic action RPG and stickman fighting games then this game is perfect for you. You will not get disappointed. So what are you waiting for? Check out this awesome game, you can download easily from any app store for free. Continue reading

TweakBox Cover Photo Maker – Banners & Thumbnails Designers

Cover Photo Maker – Banners & Thumbnails Designers is an incredible application which allows you to design or create your own cover photo art banner and thumbnail. This provides a user friendly environment which is easy to understand. This app is especially for social media posts. Cover photo maker provides you the limitless customizable options. These options are also incredibly easy to use. Cover photo maker allows you a very wide range of options to make an easy but effective banner. You can easily customize the size of the banner according to your need by just simply pressing the option or you can manually enter the digits to resize the banner. It takes very less time and with few efforts you will have a professional cover photo which will enhance your Facebook image and thumbnail. This application uses a very easy user friendly interface which helps those with little or no design experience. To make a cover photo first you have to choose any background of your choice and create a very attractive banner. Choose a theme which properly fits your brand. Then, select the size or the ratio of the banner and add some eye catching stickers or photos with attractive lines. Once you are satisfied with the banner you can share it or upload it as you need. Continue reading

TweakBox Perfect Me: Body Retouch&Face Editor&Selfie Tune

Perfect Me: Body Retouch&face Editor&selfie Tune is a perfect app for you if you want to edit your pictures professionally. If you want to retouch your body lines to make you more attractive, then you can download this app. In this application you can do much more than a regular photo editing application available in the market. You can retouch your waist, legs to make them slimmer, sexier and hotter. You can also retouch your face to make it slimmer, skinny or bulky which will make your pictures more beautiful and you more attractive in pictures. You can build your abs muscles using this app. Make a new tattoo on your skin and add stickers which will look like they are real. Apart from retouching you can add filters, blur any unwanted object, just in one click remove the background and add another background in just another click. You can group pictures and resize them to make beautiful collage and share them on any social media platforms. Perfect Me allows you to retouch your body line, retouch your face and edit your photos. So what are you waiting for? Uninstall all other photo editing applications from your device and install Perfect Me. Continue reading

TweakBox Abs workout at home: how to lose weight in 30 days

Abs workout at home: how to lose weight in 30 days is the best application which schedules your daily workout routine. This application also provides the best professional fitness instructor in order to get noticeable results through online criteria. This app provides you scientifically proven training sessions that are suitable for each and every level and you can do them at home. If you want to get a perfect shape body with 6 pack abs then you need to start sculpting them with the best abs workout at home app for everyone. Workout is necessary in life without workout life is unthinkable. As we know that sport and physical activity can help reduce harm from a lazy, full life. This app offers majorly three main training sessions which are lose belly fat flat, stomach and hard abdominal muscle, get six pack abs. Now the major question arises why we choose belly workout at home from “everything for people”? Because it provides main features such as no equipment or coats require, beginner friendly, 7 days 21 days and 30 days program, track traditional crunches sit ups and plank onto your daily routine, special belly workout session for women, fat burning exercise and weight loss exercise aim to bring you a fat tummy and a good figure, intuitive animation and video guidance. Continue reading

TweakBox Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warrior

Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warrior is one of the best action game. If you are the fan of stick Shadow fighting and arcade games then this game is the right choice for you with its great graphics and challenging game play. This game majorly features four modes versus mode story mode tournament mode and training mode. Each mode is completely action-packed and thrilling. Versus mode is based on one on one battle. You can challenge your favorite opponent in this mode and the winner will be decided after three rounds. To discover your true strength, story mode is available based on a lifelong adventure. This mode consists of a good story which at each level opens a new mystery. Tournament mode consists of 16 finest warriors which are chosen to fight in the tournament. To practice fighting skills and try out new characters, training mode is available. This game is fully loaded with 46 stickman fighter characters with unique fighting skills. As you play this game further and collect coins you can unlock over 46 unique special moves for each fighter. Stick Shadow fighter has ultra – instinct characters and it is easy to play. Download Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warrior game for free.

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TweakBox Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight

Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight game will give you a chance to become one of the finest heroes to fight with others finest skilled villains. This game consists of hundred plus stickman fighter characters with unique design style and special skills. This game majorly features 4 modes vicar story mode versus mode training mode and tournament mode. Story mode: this mode consists of more than 150 levels that help you collect stickman fighter characters more quickly. Maps and graphics of this game are fabulous. You will completely dive into this game. Training mode: this is the only mode where you can practice different moves and styles without losing any points. What is the plus point where you can enhance your player skills? Versus mode: this mode has its own fan base because your character can fight with any villain you choose. It is a kind of 1 v 1 mod which consists of three rounds. Winner is decided after the third round. Tournament mode: in this mode 16 finals warriors compete with each other and the one man wins the tournament. Stickman warrior has the most basic controls with ultra-instinct characters which makes it easy and simple to play.

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TweakBox Smoke Name Art – Smoky Effect Focus n Filter Maker

Smoke Name Art – Smoky Effect Focus n Filter Maker allows you to create best name art and with smoke effect fonts created for you. With this application you can create awesome love cards invitation cards posters logos Instagram story highlights votes smoke effect card and colorful name art with fantastic and fabulous effects. This application provides you with some famous and unique font styles stickers to make your name on different social media display pictures for profile pictures that are on the latest trend. Keeping every e expression and moods inside this application is created so that each and every person can use it efficiently. This application makes the art you create look genuine and freshly crafted for someone special you want to impress. Smoke name art features 35+ colorful texture, abstract and smoke background, 100 + creative typography and calligraphy fonts, zoom and rotate stickers, beautiful focus and filters applying different colors, alignment, stroke and mirror effect to the text and adds beautiful color to text. This application allows you to apply colorful effects to the background. It also consists of 100 + typography quotes, stickers and inspirational sayings. With all the features you can create amazing artwork and can share your beautiful name art with your friends. This app is extremely awesome don’t forget to check it out. Continue reading

TweakBox Strucc – Video Stories

Strucc – Video Stories is an amazing iOS application which will provide you with the facilities to transform your videos into eye-catching stories in just a single tap so that you can automatically get an edit with outstanding effects and layout applied to your videos. This is a perfect video creation application for every content creator who wants to increase their audience by using quality content. It is very easy to use this app on your iOS device. You just have to import your videos in this app and then it asks you to pick an effect that he wants to add to the video. You can share your final output with the world. It also provides you with many other options like you can create beautiful video stories with the selection of layouts and defects given by this app. You can also choose from a variety of unique layouts from various modern styles available on this app. This app also provides you with easy to customize options where you can use simple editing tools to create an exceptional video and it also provides you with the facility to share your stories seamlessly to your different social media platforms directly from this application.

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TweakBox Piczoo2 – Filters for pictures

Piczoo2 – Filters for pictures is one of the most popular photos and video editor applications that you can now enjoy with your iOS devices. This app will provide you master filter editing app where you can edit your photos and videos to the next level with HD output in just a few taps on your iOS device. You can also use freestyle collage to create your own inspirations in the form of digital content. This app will provide you with more than 60 different master filters that you can use on your images and videos to give them a unique look so that they can grab the attention of the audience. You will also explore more than hundred freestyle collage templates provided by this application that allows you to quickly come in your photos to create outstanding layouts with multiple styles. This app also offers powerful adjustment tools so that you can take complete control of different aspects of your photos like contrast, saturation, exposure, grain and so on. You can use these settings to enhance the visual aesthetics of the pictures.

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TweakBox Enlight Quickshot: Edit Photo

Enlight Quickshot: Edit Photo is an amazing iOS application which will provide the facility to get your dream pics and effects on the go. This application will provide you with the best photo editing features that prove you no longer need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. You can directly pull up your iPhone to capture something awesome and then edit it on the go by using the filters and effects given by this app. It allows you to replace the sky in your photos with the new sky where you can choose different kinds of skies including clouds, sunset, blue sky and even you can add northern lights tour pics. It also provides you with the option to instantly change the Vibe of your photo in one tap so that you can give that Instagram feed your own signature style with the designer looks given by this app. You can also get many other colour correction features so that you can perfectly colour grade your photos without having any sort of issues on your iPhone. This application does not have any sort of subscription so you will get unlimited access at absolutely free of cost as soon as you download this app on your iOS device.

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