TweakBox DoorDash

TweakBoxDoorDash is one of the best online food delivery application which will give you the best food delivery services. This application is available for all Android and iOS users. It has a simple interface where you can easily browse your favourite restaurants and their dishes. You can directly search them by using the search option provided by this app. It also gives you filtering options that you can apply to get your desired search results. It also shows you the prices of dishes so that you can compare them. It will provide you easy ordering services to order quickly without wasting your time. You can also schedule your delivery with the help of this application. It will provide you a real-time tracking functionality with which you can easily track your order and know exactly when and it is arriving at your doorstep. This app supports any type of online payment whether it is cash on delivery, credit card, net banking or others. It also provides you various coupons and deals that you can avail to get huge discounts on your food delivery. Continue reading


TweakBoxAre you a music lover? Do you want to practice and learn songs faster than others? Are you trying to find easy ways to learn new songs faster? Here is an app that can help you to learn your favorite songs faster than before. KARAOKE GYM is an app where you can find all your favorite songs from your library and you can practice them. Users can adjust vocals according to their need. You can make adjustments to tempo. It makes you feel comfortable and let you practice more effectively. This app can be used offline. It means you don’t need internet connection to learn your favorite songs. You just have to search for the lyrics and once it is downloaded in app, you can access it anywhere without internet connection. It has vast features that helps music lovers to learn and perform well. You can start learning new songs just in few hours with this app. It is categorised under music category in app stores. Total size of this app is 4.23 MB that means it does not take much space on your device. Less space consuming, better than other apps, easy to use, more effective, saves data, and many other exciting features in a single app. So what are you waiting for, download this app and start learning new songs.

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TweakBox Cronch

TweakBoxAre you trying to manage time and do something useful? Wasting too much time in useless things? Trying to get rid of time wastage? Try Cronch once. It will help you save time and spend it on better things. We all try to relax for just five minutes and spend almost an hour which is basic human nature. But when you have Cronch it helps you to manage your time. You can improve your time management skills that are lacking. Time management skill is very important. No matter what your ultimate goal is, the most important thing you need to become successful is managing your time and use it to be productive. Users can make a plan with this app and follow it. You can set your own target and then just start trying your best to achieve it. Make an action plan using Cronch and go through it to get the best results. It ultimately improves you and makes you punctual to time. Check how much time you spend doing your school projects. Activate timer and start doing your work, at last check your total time. Make plans to manage time and to improve in future. Set alarms for regular breaks and refreshments. This app is listed in productivity category in app stores. Cronch is regularly working on making this app the best one. Current available version of this app is 1.0.1. That is compatible with all your ios devices.

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TweakBox Polysphere

Do you love solving puzzles? Are you bored of easy puzzle games available on internet nowadays? Trying to find new and best puzzle solving games? Here is the solution! Polysphere is an puzzle game that will let you work hard and find the correct answer. It is the best puzzle game available on internet. Users can play this game in 3d mode. You can rotate the picture easily according to you. You have the puzzle on your screens and you have to solve it as fast as you can. Game comes with lots of exciting puzzles that are really hard to solve. It is the best way to train your brain. It also improves your time management skills as you have to complete the puzzle in a limited time. Users can choose the modes. Easy mode is for beginners but if you think you are a pro in puzzle solving choose hard mode and enjoy solving new and exciting puzzles. Don’t wait! Get this amazing game on your device.

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TweakBox Auto Sleep Tracker for Watch

TweakBoxAuto sleep tracker for the watch is one of the best application that will help you to easily track your sleep from your watch. It can be easily installed on your iOS devices that have iOS 11.0 and above system installed on them. This application helps you to track your sleeping activities without pressing any buttons. This application contains a simple setup Wizard where you will find and explore other features of this application. It also records your heart activities and monitors your sleep time and write information about your sleep to Apple health. In order to enjoy this application on your, Apple watches you must have to use the watch that has iOS 4 or above version of the operating system installed on them. You can easily enjoy this application in multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and a lot of other languages. It is a paid application and you have to pay a small fee of 2.99 dollars in order to enjoy this amazing application and its features. Continue reading

TweakBox SutiCRM

TweakBoxSutiCRM is a cloud-based application which will help you to enjoy CRM systems for your companies on your iOS devices. This application provides the facilities through which you can easily manage automatic champions, leads opportunities, customers and support activities for your company. This application will give you a new opportunity to enhance collaborations and building a strong relationship with your customer base. It is very useful for establishing an interactive conversation with your customers to generate new leads. It is an automated system that you can enjoy on your iOS devices by using this application. It also helps you to avoid delays and close more deals on the go. It can be easily installed on your iOS devices that works on iOS 9.0 and above version of the operating system. It is very small in size and can be easily installed on any of your iOS devices. It also works offline so that when you don’t have an Internet connection you can also enjoy its basic functionalities. It allows you to automatically synchronize your data with the CRM platform which will help you to automate your various task that is necessary for making a new relationship with the customers. Continue reading

TweakBox Ski Tracks

TweakBoxSkytrak is an amazing application which is specially designed for winter sports. It will help you to record your entire day on the slopes without requiring any type of internet connection. This application enables you to compare your mountain experience with your friends from different factors. It can we easily used by complete beginners to seasoned professional. This app has millions of user base where other users also use this application. It uses battery efficient technology which helps you to allow all day recording without consuming the battery of your iOS device. This application can be easily installed on any iOS devices such as your iPhone, iPad, and iPod that has iOS 9.0 and above system on them. It is available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Japanese Korean, Russian, Spanish and a lot of others. This app can be also installed on your apple watches and you can enjoy its features. It also gives you a 3D map of various places that you want to visit. It also helps you to easily include a photograph to keep your moments memorable. Continue reading

TweakBox Stardew Valley

TweakBoxStardew Valley is one of the best award-winning open-ended farming RPG game that you can enjoy on your iOS devices. In this game, you have to turn your overgrown fields into a bountiful farm. Here you will find different levels that you can enjoy in this game. This game also gives you the option to customize your farmer and home and you will have hundreds of options to choose from. You can also settle down and start a family with 12 potential marriage candidates within the game. It also allows you to become part of the community by taking part in seasonal festivals and villager quests. This game has a high quality of animation and graphics effects that you can enjoy while playing. In this game, you will find various mysterious caves that you can enjoy exploring inside the gameplay. You also have to encounter with dangerous monsters and valuable traces to become the winner of the gameplay. This game can be easily played on iOS devices that have iOS 10.0 and above version of the iOS system installed on them. This game allows you to easily customize your gaming controls through which you can play the game in your own way with multiple control options. You can easily use the virtual joystick to enjoy the gameplay in the best experience. Continue reading

TweakBox Terraria

TweakBoxTerraria is one of the most popular games where you have to build, fight, explore and play this game. You can play the game with millions of other players. In this game, you have to build up your monuments and fight with your enemies. It is a multiplayer game where you can play with up to four different layers on your iPhone by using your Wifi connection. In this game, you have various different types of weapons and armors that you need to collect in order to become the strongest player. This game contains more than 450 varieties of enemies and you have to fight with them in order to complete the game play. It allows you to build anything that you can imagine with more than hundred block types. You can also find 20 bosses that you need to defeat in order to become the champion of the game. This game has a dozen of different environments that you can explore while playing it. You can easily play and enjoy this game on any iOS device that works on iOS 8.0 and above system. It is available in five different languages and they are English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. This game also contains amazing background sounds that play in the background while you enjoy your gameplay. Continue reading

TweakBox Thirdfort

TweakBoxThirdfort is an application which will help you to securely link to real estate agents and lawyers by using your smart devices. This app is really very useful to save your time when it comes to identification, sharing of information and background checks. It has a simple interface where you will find a signup button which will help you to easily set up an account within a few minutes on this application. It is very easy to confirm your identity on this and in order to successfully create a verified account. It is free from any type of errors and bugs so you can enjoy it without having any problems. It can work separately fine on your iOS devices that works on iOS 9.0 above version of the operating system. You can easily enjoy the benefits of this application on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It comes off very small in terms of size so you can install it on your older iOS devices within a very limited amount of storage space. This application is fully secure by strong security techniques. All of your sensitive data will be safe while using this application. Continue reading