TweakBox Plug for Minecraft PE

TweakBoxPlug for Minecraft PE is an application which helps you to use commands for Minecraft PE just like your PC version. This application enables you to use the PC command for Minecraft on your iOS devices, for example, you can use commands like a ‘give’ and ‘teleport’ during your Minecraft PE gameplay. this application works absolutely fine for both single player and multiplayer modes of the game so both types of players can use this commands within the game. As similar to the plugins on the PC version of Minecraft all the commands are controlled from within the Minecraft PE chat box. The plug is very simple to use and apply so for a start using the plug you simply need to open Minecraft PE and start a world once you are in the gameplay you can simply use commands by typing them directly into the chat and they can activate directly from there. There is no other application available on the internet for this purpose. It helps you to play like a boss even with your smart devices such as iPhone iPads and other Apple devices. It gives you the full functionality of the PC version of Minecraft game. Continue reading

TweakBox Pixomatic

TweakBoxDo you want the best photo editing app? Are you looking for an application to edit your images? Do you want to create graphics for your brand? If yes then Pixomatic is the best application for you. It is one of the best photo editor tool available for all android and IOS devices. This application is also featured by Apple in the Great Photography Apps section which makes it very popular among its users. It allows you to create modify and retouch your photos. Pixomatic provides you various effects and filters options which you can apply to make your image look more professional. It also enables you to change your photo’s background and edit them like professionals. It also allows you to create DSLR like effect in your images by blurring the background and focusing on the subject on your photo and you can also adjust image colours with speed and precision so that the colour tone of your photo will be always perfect. If you are a brand owner or businessman then you can also use this application to make a logo for your brand. Continue reading

TweakBox MagnetPro

TweakBoxMagnetPro is one of the best iOS application which allows you to download different files by using various protocols. You can download files directly from HTTP protocol by using this application and it also supports torrent files and magnet links so that you can download any file from any of the torrent sites. This downloader comes up with various advanced features such as multitasking, file cloning, control playback speed and many more. It also enables you to pause resume and stop your downloading so that all of your downloads are fully controlled by you. MagnetPro allows you to download any kind of digital files such as videos, audios, documents and etc. You can also do multiple tasks at the same time using this app. It also has an integrated video player through which you can enjoy your favourite videos and movies. It also has advanced finger gestures which will give you full comfortability. You can also download files through FTP SMTP and many other protocols. Its interface is very simple and easy to use so that you can easily understand its controls. It takes less space on your device and saves your storage which makes your device more efficient. Continue reading

TweakBox Moji Maker

TweakBoxAre you looking for the best emoji Maker application? If yes then you should definitely lucky because here we are going to introduce you with Moji Maker which is the best emoji creator available on the internet. It enables you to create funny, interesting and awesome custom emojis which you can share or send to your friends or family on different social networking websites. Moji Maker helps you to create animated emojis and high-quality graphics from scratch so that you can later customise them according to your needs. all of your creations are fully customisable and you can easily resize, move and edit your creation whenever you want. This app also enables you to make your personalised emoji avatars and if you want you also have a collection of readymade emojis which you can download from its library. This application is fully compatible with all iOS devices so you can easily use it on your iPhone, iPads and other Apple devices. It also has a feature by which all of your creation or artworks can automatically synchronise between your different devices so you can continue from the moment where you left. Continue reading

TweakBox iFile

TweakBoxAre you looking for the best file manager for a device? If yes then you should try iFile which is an awesome file manager to help you with managing your files on your Android or iOS-based devices. It is a free simple and easy to use file manager which has powerful features. It allows you to manage files and folders effortlessly with variety of options like copy, cut, paste, delete, compress, extract and etc. You can also open and work with multiple tabs simultaneously via this application. This application also has a option to change look and feel of the application by changing your theme and icons. It has various beautiful themes and cool icons from which you can choose your favourite one. It also provide you a quick navigation feature which helps you to navigate through various aspects of the application. It also allows you take backup of your files with its App Manager. If you are a root user then you will get a root explorer to completely take control over each and every file on your device. iFile also has Cloud Service support through which you can sync your files between different devices. Continue reading

TweakBox iCloneOS

TweakBoxiCloneOS is a useful application for all iPhones and iPads users. This application will help you to install Mac OS on your iPhone or iPad without making many efforts. It does not require to jailbreak your device in order to use this application it works completely fine on and on rooted or not jailbroken the device. You can install and run Mac OS on iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch in iOS 8/9/10/11. It does not take any money in order to work it is completely free for each and every iOS user. It is still in beta stage so all apps on it may not work correctly so you have to be careful while installing this app on your device. Many common application like notes, Safari, video player and etc works absolutely fine and its team has constantly added support for other applications too. It has a simplified and easy to use interface through which all the user can understand its functions. Continue reading

TweakBox Facetune

TweakBoxFacetune is a professional photo editing application for IOS and Android users which allows you to editor images effortlessly. It allows you to retouch your images and you can also add some artistic effects or makeup to your images and make them look more beautiful. This tool has powerful photo editing tools through which you will get menu facilities such as crop and zoom, unique layers, different filters and many more. It enables you to edit your selfies and make them look like the photos from a high fashion magazine. It also gives you the facility to rejuvenate your skin and make it smoother we are its powerful effects features. This app helps you to remove your dark circles and make your eyes look good beautiful. Facetune also allows you to change your eye colour and edit red eye and white eye issues. You can also change your hairstyle and retouch colour of your hair via this powerful application. It also enables you to create your own artworks and paintings and share them with your colleagues. Continue reading

TweakBox BarMagnet

TweakBoxBarMagnet is an application for iPhone users which allows them to remotely control their favourite torrent clients from a distant location. This application supports nearly all the major torrent clients that are available for different desktop PCs. The user can perform various functions even when they are away from their computers. It allows you to add new torrents to your favourite torrent clients by using an integrated web browser. Now you don’t have to visit your PC for pause or resume your torrents it can be done remotely via this app. BarMagnet also allows you to monitor download speed for individual torrents. In order to start using this application, you must have a rooted device or Jailbreak iOS device it is the only requirement to use this application. This application is fully compatible with a wide variety of Torrent clients such as BitTorrent, qBittorrent, Vuze, uTorrent and many more. It has a well designed and easy to use interface through which you can easily understand its working. BarMagnet enables you to download your torrent irrespective of distance and time. Continue reading

TweakBox Adobe PS Touch

TweakBoxAdobe PS Touch is one and only best alternative to Photoshop which provides you all the feature of Photoshop on your Android and iOS devices. It is basically a photo editor application which allows you to create your custom artworks and you can also edit your selfies and images by using this powerful tool. It takes less space on your device so it is useful to make your device working more efficiently. It provides you with a wide variety of photo editing tools such as layers, Pan and zoom, effects and filters, gestures and many more. You can simply create multiple layers on a single creation by using this application. It is very useful to change the background of your image. It has a smooth and easy to use interface so that you can easily understand its controls and working. Each tool has a different icon so that you can easily identify the tool which you want for your artwork. If you are an experienced Photoshop user then using this tool seems very easy for you. Continue reading

TweakBox WinZip Pro

TweakBoxWinZip Pro is an exceptional application which allows you to create, extract and manage zip files on your Android phones iOS devices. It allows you to compress your big files including image, videos and audios so that your phone’s storage can be made available to other apps. It helps you to stretch your data limits. You can simply open any of MS Word Excel or access documents via this tool. It is fully compatible with other software such as WinRAR, 7zip and many more so so you can easily edit your zip files created on your smartphone on your computer or laptop. Now you don’t have to worry to open zip files from an important email from your colleague you can simply do it with this powerful tool. It comes up with a high-level encryption which gives the complete security to your valuable and sensitive information so that no Intruder can get an authorised access to your valuable data. It also gives you the cloud facility where you can store your digital files in the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about them when the lost. WinZip Pro allows you to encrypt your zip files with 128-bit asymmetric encryption method which fully protect your sensitive documents. Continue reading