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TweakBoxPokeGo++ is the customised version of the game Pokemon Go. This game can have many new features within the original game of Pokemon go. You can simply walk their character in game with a joystick. In this modified version of the game, it will also have an IV checker and many other features that will make this game more popular than the original game of Pokemon. It will also has a new filter of mythical to the IV list and provide you with the updated Pokemon feed generator with new customize Pokemon. It can completely customize the way of your playing the game of Pokemon. You can customize the theme and various settings of this game according to your choice. Now it is more simplified and the controls become much easier in this modified version. You will also see our gym list to show gym name and coordinates within the game you just need to tap on the gym icon that you can see in the game. It also has updated levels calculation for various Pokemon and you can also adjust the strength of your Pokemon within this modified version.

TweakBox is the perfect choice for you if you are one of the modified game lovers because it can offer a wide variety of patches and mods for many of the popular games that each and every gamer wishes to enjoy. It will provide the could games which has many new features included within them and unlocked new levels. The downloading process of this app is very simple to use and straightforward and the downloading speed will be very nice in this app downloading application.


Instructions to Download PokeGO++ by using TweakBox

1. Connect your iPhone to the stable internet connection.

2. Then go to any web browser of your preference and Download TweakBox.


3. Now Download PokeGo and install it on your iOS device.

4. Enjoy the modified version with new Shiny Pokemon.

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